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Bistro Green with patina


French bistros conjure up tables covered with an assortment of vibrant-hued bottles, starting with sparkling mineral water, a second course of green wine glass and a splash of blue from Skyy vodka

Sizes available

3cm slab

Glass source story

When you take the extra step of putting your glass waste into the recycling bin, you're doing something good. Those bottles and jars that held all your culinary necessities are sent to be processed and put back into use. The glass in this mix is from your kitchen...your soda bottles, olive oil containers, pickle jars, wine and water bottles could have been waste. Instead here they are, made into something beautiful: Bistro Green with patina.

Installation pictures

Who can make your Vetrazzo kitchen? Although it is not hard than marble or exotic granite, we advise you use someone that has been thru our training. Ask your dealer to recommand you a certified fabricator for you installation. If you don't have a dealer yet, go to "find a showroom".

* Vetrazzo is comprised of 85% Recycled Glass and 15% modified Portland White Cement. Variation in the glass source of a Vetrazzo slab is the result of the recycling process made possible by the nature of comingled recycling. As a result the color, pattern, size, shape and shade are inherent and unique characteristics to be expected in a slab of Vetrazzo. This does not affect the product performance in any manner. Random bits of glass that differ from the predominant color of the glass in the slab can be expected. From time to time our glass sources will change, and while the source may remain, 'beverage bottles', or 'demolition glass', the beverage brand, or the old building the glass came from can change, and result in a slab that differs slightly from what is presented on our website and in samples in the marketplace. Samples are small select cuts from a slab; they do not exhibit all the characteristics of a color and therefore are not fully representative of what will be installed. Product will not be replaced due to these variations so please either visit one of our distributors where you can choose your individual slabs or check with your certified fabricator before he begins fabrication to ensure you love what he will be working with.

Vetrazzo is durable and more resistant to surface damage than other stone. However, all stone can be damaged by force and no stone is chip-proof. Objects hitting edges particularly at sinks or dishwashers may cause chips. Surface markings are more visible on monotone colors than multi-colored surfaces. For more with living with Vetrazzo please take a look at our Care & Maintenance Guide.